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Our Story


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Anne’s professional career began as a volunteer EMT for Post 53-Darien Emergency Medical Services at 14 years old. She went on to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in nursing. After college, she joined Yale New Haven Hospital, in New Haven, CT as a surgical trauma nurse and then the Branford, CT Visiting Nurses Agency, where she was a case manager and a clinical supervisor. Towards the end of her six years at the agency, Managed Care Insurance companies started to have a major impact on healthcare in New England. This led Anne to become a Utilization Review Nurse and a Certified Case Manager for Tufts Health Plans in Massachusetts.

At Tufts, she worked with physician groups to help them manage their patients’ care prior to and during hospitalizations, at rehabilitation centers or Skilled Nursing facilities, and in the home care setting. In this role, it became clear that support patients throughout their continuum of care resulted in improved quality of care and less stress for patients and their families. It highlighted the complexity of our healthcare system and how important it is for people to have a professional help them  to understand their insurance and advocate for the care and the coverage they deserve.

When Anne moved back to Darien, she found an opportunity to work for a Healthcare Advice and Advocacy business. As the Director of Consulting, she provided a range of services: insurance coverage analysis, enrollments, claims management, dispute resolution, benefit maximization, and care management advice and advocacy. She found these client relationships to be extremely rewarding as her service truly made a difference in peoples’ lives. Anne decided to start Healthcare Pathfinder when clients, friends, neighbors, and professional acquaintances started referring clients directly to her.

Anne’s most important experiences have come from managing her own family’s needs. Anne’s experience of advocating for her father’s care at the end of his life gave her the personal perspective of how truly difficult it is to care for your family and advocate on their behalf. At Healthcare Pathfinder, Anne’s and her team’s extensive professional and personal experiences allow them to help their clients prepare for future needs, avoid costly mistakes, and provide the services that are necessary to support them at times when they need to focus on caring for themselves, a family member, or an employee. They understand the importance of developing strong client relationships and the sensitivity involved in handling all confidential information. Their mission is to create peace of mind.

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