Loss of Job and Relocation

Chris, age 28, lived in New York City and worked for ABC Corp. He has a significant mental health history which requires consistent and regular medical treatment with his preferred physicians. Unfortunately, ABC Corp. cut staff and he lost his job. He was offered COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act), but it was expensive and he needed to know if he had other options. His family has been a client of Healthcare Pathfinder (HCP) for many years and was familiar with Chris’ past medical history.  When his mother found out he lost his job, she was relieved to know that HCP could provide professional support to help him compare options and choose the best coverage for his needs. 

Here is what HCP did:

  • Reviewed his COBRA benefits, costs, and provider network and compared it to the NY individual marketplace plans coverage, costs, and networks.
  • Found that none of Christopher’s providers would be in-network with the NY state plans and advised him to enroll in COBRA.
  • Educated Christopher and his mother on the difference in plan options and explained the NY State plan would not provide the coverage he needed.
  • Discussed future planning for when COBRA ends and other state options.
  • Assisted Chris with his COBRA enrollment and setting up premium payments.

Eight months later Christopher moved back to his home state, Connecticut. His move triggered a qualifying event allowing Christopher to seek insurance from the Individual CT State Marketplace. Once again HCP was contacted by the family to assess plan options.  HCP had advised them that CT would have better plan options and be more cost-effective. 


Here is what Healthcare Pathfinder (HCP) did:

  • Accessed the individual healthcare options available to him in CT, including a search through the state marketplace. 
  • Provided a detailed explanation about his coverage options and determined that he qualified for a subsidy (decreased premium).
  • Helped him choose and enroll him in the best plan for his needs which included his current physicians.
  • Obtained the necessary documents to secure the subsidy and his special enrollment status.  
  • Confirmed receipt of his ID card and helped him set up premium payments.

HCP continues to manage the family’s health care coverage. Christopher and his mom are relieved to know professionals are monitoring and ensuring they are receiving the best health insurance options for their personal needs.  

Healthcare Pathfinder helps to create Peace of Mind!


*We have changed our clients’ names in our stories.*

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