Welcome to Healthcare Pathfinder

Your guide to managing health and long-term care benefits with empathy, expertise, and advocacy.

What We Do

We create peace of mind by guiding you through the complex healthcare pathways, ensuring you have the right coverage and advocacy for your individual needs. 

Insurance reviews, planning, & enrollment

Medical bill and claims management

Case management, advice, and advocacy

Ongoing health & LTC insurance management

Reasons to Use Our Services

Knowing when to pursue healthcare professional advisory services is imperative. We provide services for all of your life changing events no matter how big or small.

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Choose Your Own Path

Insurance plans can be intricate with policies that are challenging to comprehend. Navigating health and long-term care insurance can become an overwhelming task to handle yourself. Every situation is unique, we are here to support you.

Consulting Path

  • Review and discuss healthcare needs and insurance coverage.
  • Identify issues related to current or future coverage.

Insurance Management Path

  • Advice and advocacy for health and long-term care insurance.
  • Negotiate bills and manage claims.

Case Management Path

  • Case management & insurance advice and advocacy.
  • Negotiate bills and manage claims.
  • Intervention with medical personnel and care providers.
  • Appeal denied services.
  • May also include relocation advice and services.

Elite Client Services

  • Dedicated year-round client service.
  • Keep healthcare information on file and available to assist with all healthcare and insurance needs.
  • Handling communication with insurance companies, healthcare providers, and other designated persons/professionals as needed.
  • Annual review of total healthcare coverage.

Let us be your guide... we’re here to help.

*Please note: Healthcare Pathfinder does not sell insurance or endorse any insurance companies or products.