2023 Coverage: 10 Tips to Prepare So You’re Ready When You Need It

If you have a new or different medical, dental and/or prescription drug plan for 2023, the insurance company will send you a new ID card, along with other important plan information.

It is important that you open all mail from your insurance carrier as it will include your plan documents, ID cards and premium information.


There are several things you can do to make sure the new information is shared with providers so that claims can be processed correctly.

  • Notify your doctors of the new carrier information, particularly the carrier name and ID#.  If you receive lab work let the lab know too.  Bring your card with you so they can make a copy.
  • Notify your pharmacy of the new carrier information.  They will need the name and ID#, and several other pieces of information.  If you utilize mail orders for prescriptions, call the carrier with the information.
  • If your spouse and children are on the same policy, some insurance companies would issue a card for each of them. While some insurance companies may list all the family members on one card. If a family member is not listed on the card or did not receive a card, you can print it from your insurance website or contact your insurance company.
    • For children over 18 years old, make sure they have their new ID cards.


  • The carrier will send you documents that include specific information about your coverage. This includes covered and non-covered services, cost sharing, and the plan rules. Keep these documents in a safe place. 
  • If the documents were emailed to you, print or save them electronically for future reference.


  • It is very important that you read information about your premiums. Sometimes plans will not release ID cards until the first month’s premium is paid. 
  • Setting up auto-pay is the most convenient way to pay your premium. 
  • You must confirm that the amount and account information is correct so that there is no interruption in coverage.
  • If there is an issue with premium payment, the plan will notify you. Do not ignore this information as your coverage can be terminated for lack of premium payment.


  • To access your plan information online, register on your insurance company’s website. You may have a separate website for Prescription and Healthcare Coverage.


As we enter 2023, it’s important to Be Aware, Prepared, and Proactive.


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