Be Prepared! Advice for Parents with 18+-year-olds Heading to College

Be Prepared! Advice for Parents with 18+-year-olds Heading to College

What happens if your 18+-year-old adult child gets sick? Are you prepared to advocate on their behalf? Do you understand how their plan works?

Take these steps so that you are ready to advocate for your Adult child when medical care is needed:

  1. Release of Information Authorizations
    • These documents allow you to receive information and speak to healthcare providers and insurance companies on their behalf. Get these documents on file with your child’s school health center and health insurance company in advance. The authorization forms are located on the school’s and health insurance company’s websites or call to ask for the forms.
  2. Advance Healthcare Directive/Living Will
    • This document is especially important during a serious health care crisis. It enables you to ensure that your child’s healthcare values and wishes will be granted. Contact your attorney or find this document online. Follow state rules and regulations to make sure it is legally valid.
  3. Know Insurance Plan Coverage
    • Be familiar with how the plan works and if care will be considered in-network or out-of-network. Failure to understand coverage could have significant financial consequences.  Always contact the plan within 24-48 hours of receiving emergency service.  
  4. Insurance coverage of Covid-19 related Care
    • Contact your insurance company to determine coverage and your financial responsibility for Covid-19 related care. Hold off on paying medical bills, until you review Insurance Explanation of Benefits documents to make sure claims were processed correctly.

Prepare now to avoid problems and decrease stress when care is needed!  

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