How to Proactively Manage Your Health Insurance

Proactive management of your health insurance allows you to maximize benefits, efficiently plan for care and treatment, track claims, and save on your healthcare costs.

  • Insurance Premium Payments
    • On-time payments are critical to maintaining coverage. Avoid cancellations. Open all mail from your insurance companies. This is especially true with COBRA. Set up auto-pay and designate a friend or relative to receive a notification when a payment is missed.
  • ID Cards
    • Carry your 2022 medical/RX/dental ID cards with you or save a picture on your phone. If you lose your card, you can download it from the company website.
  • Plan details
    • Know your plan’s deductibles, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket maximums for In and Out of Network providers. Login to the plan website or call your insurance company for details or if you have questions.
  • Insurance company websites
    • Register online with your plan. This will allow you to view benefits, track claims and costs, and find in-network providers.
  • Provider Networks
    • Are your providers in or out of network? Ask your provider and call your insurance company to find out. What will your out-of-pocket cost be?
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
    • Is your pharmacy a preferred provider? Are you taking new medications? Has your co-pay or tier level changed? Are prescriptions not covered? Have you considered mail orders? Ask your insurance company.
  • Planned Surgery or Treatments
    • Call your insurance company and providers to make sure services are authorized. Failure to do so may cost you.
  • Preventative Care Coverage
    • Schedule wellness visits and age-appropriate screening tests – many are covered at 100% if you use in-network providers.
  • Compare costs for outpatient procedures
    • Don’t assume that all in-network providers charge the same fee for tests, scans, bloodwork, etc… Fees can differ significantly and will impact your out-of-pocket costs. Ask your providers and insurance company about options.
  • Advance Directives and Living Will
    • Every adult should have these legal documents. Make sure they are current, reflect your wishes, and are easily accessible when you are unable to make decisions on your own. We advise that you share the location of these documents with a family member or friend.
  • Release of Information Authorizations
    • Obtain all necessary authorizations to ensure that family and trusted partners can speak to insurance companies and providers on your behalf.

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