Healthcare open enrollment

2023 Healthcare Open Enrollment Season is Approaching!

Do you want better health insurance and/or prescription drug coverage in 2023?  You can make a change! See the details below.  


2023 Healthcare Open Enrollment Season is Approaching!

It’s time to review your coverage if you have Medicare, an employer, or an individual/family plan.  During the Open Enrollment period for healthcare insurance, you can search new plan options and make a change that will become effective in the new year.   The “best plan” for your needs should be assessed annually, especially if you anticipate upcoming treatment or surgery in the new year. 

As professional healthcare advisors and advocates at Healthcare Pathfinder, we recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity.  Every year we see how making changes impacts the lives of our clients., by decreasing out-of-pocket costs, improving healthcare outcomes, and creating peace of mind. 

See below for your plan deadlines and details.


Medicare Open Enrollment – October 15 to December 7.

This enrollment period is for current Medicare beneficiaries only. Changes can be made to Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans.  Every year the premiums, benefits, networks, and medications coverage change.  It is important to review and understand any changes to your healthcare coverage, as they may impact your cost of care and access to providers and benefits in the coming year.  


Employer Group Open Enrollment – dates vary by company.

Typically, the Employer groups’ open enrollment period is during the 4th quarter.  Employers often offer multiple plans with varying levels of cost-sharing options and links to tax-advantaged savings accounts (HSA’s and FSA’s).  The benefits and provider networks will vary by plan, as will your out-of-pocket

costs depending on which plan you choose. If changes have occurred, it is important to learn about how this might impact your healthcare experience, cost of care, and access to providers and benefits.


Affordable Care Act (ACA -Individual/Family) Open Enrollment –  November 1 to December 15, for coverage to be effective January 1, 2023.

This enrollment period is for individuals/families who have healthcare coverage or are uninsured. There are no “pre-existing exclusions” for ACA plans.  All plans offer varying levels of cost sharing and some plans have tax-advantaged Health Savings accounts.  There are non- ACA plan options for individuals/families or sole proprietors that are sold off the state platforms that may offer richer benefits or networks (varies by state).  It is definitely worth your while to compare plan options for 2023 and make sure that you have the best and most cost-effective coverage for your needs.


Healthcare Pathfinder can help you review your coverage, explore options and make changes.

At Healthcare Pathfinder, we help create peace of mind for our clients.

Click here to contact us if you need help or more information on how Healthcare Pathfinder can help you and your family. We are a fee-for-service professional healthcare advice, advocacy, and management firm. We do not sell insurance or share commissions.