Loss of Spouse

In April 2019, Sidney was 41 years old and had 3 young children.  She unexpectedly lost her husband.  She was completely overwhelmed and need assistance understanding and choosing a health insurance plan for her and her family. Her financial advisor recommended she contact Healthcare Pathfinder (HCP) to help her understand her options and make a decision.  After a brief call with HCP, she decided to retain us to manage this process.  

HCP took the following steps to access Sidney’s family’s health insurance needs and options:

  1. Analyzed her deceased spouse’s company insurance benefits and costs available through COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act). She would be eligible for these benefits for 36 months. 
  2. Reviewed their insurance options on the state’s insurance marketplace website where she resides. Assessed her family’s eligibility for a subsidy (lower premium) from the state. 
  3. Compared her COBRA benefits and costs to the individual state’s marketplace plans. 

After we reviewed and compared all options, we met with Sidney and her financial advisor.  We recommended that she enroll in COBRA, due to the excellent benefits, with the understanding that she could change to a marketplace plan during an open enrollment period.  Based on the analytics we provided, Sidney elected to stay on COBRA.

Sidney and her family continued to be a HCP client, so that when COBRA ended in 2022, we were ready to help them transition to a state Marketplace health plan.  We assessed options again and enrolled them in the best plan for their needs.  

In 2023, as Elite clients, we continue to review their insurance options annually, help them answer coverage questions, and provide medical bills and claims management throughout the year – creating peace of mind.  

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*We have changed our clients’ names in our stories.*

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