TURNING 65 – Medicare Eligible

Sue contacted Healthcare Pathfinder (HCP) six months before she was turning 65.  She was confused about how and when to enroll in Medicare Parts A & B and all of the other plans: Advantage, Supplements, and Prescription drug plans.  The whole process seemed very overwhelming and she wanted to make sure she didn’t make a mistake.  She was so relieved when Healthcare Pathfinder told her that they would explain the details about Medicare coverage and help her through the whole enrollment process. She was not aware of the Initial enrollment period rules and when she needed to complete everything. 


HCP’s detailed Medicare transition checklist made sure she knew all of her coverage options, costs, and how Medicare coverage works.  We helped her manage the Medicare Part A & B enrollment through Social Security.  Next, we explained the difference between Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplement plans.  She chose a Supplement plan G and we helped her choose the highest quality and cost-effective Medicare Part D (prescription drug) plan based on her medications.  After we completed all of the enrollments, we made sure all her new insurance ID cards were received and premium payments were made.   We also assisted her with registering on all of her plan websites, so that she could review claims, payments, and review her coverage. 


By the time Sue reached her 65th birthday month, she was all set with her Medicare coverage and felt confident in the choices she had made because she had worked with a professional healthcare insurance advisor. 

*We have changed our clients’ names in our stories.*


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