Healthcare Options for Retirement

Joe was  64 years old and retired. His wife was 50 years old, and they have two young daughters.  Their COBRA insurance (former company plan) was ending in 2 months.  Joe would not be eligible for Medicare for another year, so he and his family would need a family insurance plan.  He wanted advice on healthcare options and wanted to understand what he must do to enroll in Medicare in a year.  HCPathfinder helped Joe and his family find, choose, and enroll in a family health plan and prepared him for his Medicare enrollment.

The following year, 3 months before Joe’s 65th birthday (Medicare Initial enrollment period) we initiated his Medicare enrollment into Medicare Part A & B through Social Security.  During the next two months, we helped him choose and enrolled him in a Medicare Part D (prescription drug) plan, and a Medicare supplement plan.  By his 65th birthday month, he was completely enrolled in the Medicare plans that were best for his future needs, and his family continued on the family health insurance plan. 

After HCP completed these transitions, Joe and his family chose to sign on to our Elite Client Services, which enabled HCP to be available to advise, advocate, and manage any issues that may come up related to their healthcare needs.


At Healthcare Pathfinder, we help create peace of mind for our clients.

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*We have changed our clients’ names in our stories.*