Long-term Care Insurance

Anne and John, are both in their seventies. They’ve been married for decades and have lived in their home for years. Anne has been physically declining for a while and recently fell and broke her hip. They hired private aides to help her with daily activities like bathing, transferring, and walking.

Thankfully, Anne and John had Long Term Care Insurance (LTC), but they weren’t sure if the policy would help cover the costs of the private aides.  They were also considering moving to an Assisted Living (AL) Community but weren’t sure if their LTC policy would cover those expenses too. 

That’s when they contacted Healthcare Pathfinder (HCP).  HCP reviewed Anne’s and John’s LTC policies and provided details about their coverage and how to access the benefits. They were happy to learn that Anne’s policy would cover her aides and her AL expenses if they moved. Anne would qualify for the benefits because she would continue to need assistance with her personal care needs.

They were so grateful to have HCP manage the claims filing process and advocate for Anne’s benefits.  After three months of approved invoices, Anne met her policy’s elimination period (or deductible) and the insurance company started paying the claims. 

As Elite clients, HCP continues to manage their LTC claims and healthcare insurance needs. With authorizations on file with their health and LTC insurance companies, and medical providers, HCP is able to be proactive and advocate on their behalf.


At Healthcare Pathfinder, we help create peace of mind for our clients.

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*We have changed our clients’ names in our stories.*